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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tuesday - Week In The Life

Tuesdays around here, at least at this time of year, mean school, work, and the younger boys spending the evening with their dad.  It's usually date night for Frank and I, although because I had a final exam on Wednesday, my sweetheart cooked a delicious dinner while I studied.  So grateful for him.

Here we go...

A self-timer, early morning shot, complete with pjs, glasses, and bedhead.  While getting breakfast and lunches ready, I check texts, emails, etc.  I look like I'm just standing there, but I'm totally multi-tasking.  Haha.  

Breakfast for Rowan lately has meant a bowl of ramen with a poached egg.  Not everyone's thing, but he loves it and I love that it's so unique.  :-)  

Hugging your brother in the morning as he heads to the bus stop.   It's allegedly a loving goodbye, despite the expressions of the hugger and the hug-gee.    

Tuesday was Patriot Day at Rhys' school, so he wanted to go all out and spray his hair red.  I conceded, but only after reading the can six times and harassing the clerk at Party City (nearly to the point of asking her to sign an affidavit) to confirm that it was NON-PERMANENT.  

My favorite mug from one of my favorite people.  :-)  It's fun to drink my coconut milk in the morning and see the faces of people I love.   Thanks, Sharon, for such a thoughtful gift! 

Current mileage on my '06 Swagger Wagon.  Keeping our fingers crossed that it continues run well and that we drive this baby into the 200,000s!  

During morning driving hither and yon, I listen to the BBC World News podcast.   It's my favorite.  They do a great job on providing balanced, comprehensive reporting.  And seriously, who doesn't love a British accent.  (Seems like a superficial, 'Murican comment, but I'm going with it.) 

Off to school to practice my assessment skills in the lab.  We are SO lucky to have this beautiful new building with state-of-the-art nursing simulation labs.  Mannequins that have vital signs, can speak, blink their eyes, have strokes, heart attacks.  It's amazing and such a fabulous learning opportunity in a safe environment.  I love HCC!  

Unloading the dishwasher (there could seriously be like 27 pictures of this during Week In The Life.)  Rhys is feeling more camera-friendly.  

Heading over to dad's for the evening.  Rowan's wearing his favorite Maryland shorts and hoodie.  WITL wouldn't be complete without this outfit appearance.  

This picture looks kinda shady, doesn't it?  Like it's from what older folks would call a "dope den."  It's really the table top of a nursing student, studying needles, gauges, syringes, and dosage calculations.  

So that's Tuesday.   Two days in and I'm still finding material.  That's a good sign, right?  Haha.  

See ya on Wednesday!  

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