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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wednesday - Week In The Life

Well, hello Wednesday!  

Feeding the birds, squirrels, and whoever else shows up at the outdoor buffet is a morning chore I enjoy.  I barely get the sliding door closed before the stampede begins.  They don't even care that I have pasty white legs.  

A little more studying before my final exam.   

Wiper blades have been getting a workout lately.  It's been raining for like a month.   

One last final and Fundamentals will be FINISHED!  

A call from the school nurse means more Ginger Ale being served.  Today, it's Rhys with the stomach bug.  Luckily, they get rarely get sick and, when they do, it is short-lived.  

A little candlelight always makes a room feel special.  

Definitely not feeling well.  Going to bed early isn't his thing.   Poor baby.  

Hoping Thursday means everyone is feeling better!  Week In The Life, it's all about documenting LIFE.  

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