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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday - Week In The Life

Thursday was very low-key around here, which is not typical.  Rhys stayed home, but he's back to himself and will be back to school tomorrow.   Olivia and Rowan had school and Frank, of course, had work.

I did indulge in one kuh-razy episode of Dr. Phil this afternoon while folding laundry.  It happened to be about a nutty woman who digitally kidnapped (who knew that was even a "thing") some other woman's twins and pretended they were her own.  She even had their pictures hanging on her walls at home!  What the?  Yeah, she denied it up until old Dr. P busted out the screen shots of her listing of a lamp on Craig's List, with the picture of the little girls hanging on the wall behind it.  The gang from Scooby Doo solved some SERIOUS crimes, but they've got nothin' on Phil McGraw.

But I digress.

Laundry today meant finding a Lego Marge Simpson at the bottom of the washer.  I'll never claim that life around here is boring.  

Olivia making breakfast before school and Rhys feeling much better.  Woohoo!

If it's really pouring, we drive to the bus stop.  Hanging out for a few minutes together is fun and often involves laughing about stuff.  Rowan is one smart, sweet sixth grader.  

Cookies in the lunch boxes this week were E.L. Fudge.  Once in awhile I even go wild and get the double-stuffed Elves...but I fear that they also result in double-stuffed humans.  

When we were searching for a home to buy, this house spoke to us the minute we walked through the door.  The fact that there is an etched "C" on the back door just sealed the deal and confirmed that it was meant to be.  (Ignore the reflection of the creepy camera lady.) 

Quick run to the grocery store.  I adore these tiny carts that most stores have now.   Not sure why, since I generally end up filling them to the brim and almost tipping them over around corners anyway.  But they're cute!  

Filled up with gas.  Frank has successfully converted me into stopping once and filling up the tank.  My prior habit was to stop three times a week, getting $10 each time.  You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!  

The sun actually made an appearance nearing evening time.  While I love how green and lush everything is, we're all feeling a little deficient in Vitamin D.   Come on, summer! 

And that's it for Thursday.   Really looking forward to the next three days and the new photography opportunities weekends seem to bring!  

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